Our Services

Language / Taal: Afrikaans

Target Group Beneficiaries

The communities reached are designated by the Department of Social Development as part of the mutual Service Level Agreement. These communities are poverty stricken and include both urban and rural areas, comprising of the poorest of the poor and vulnerable individuals/ families at risk. These beneficiaries live in deprived communities with lack of service delivery and infrastructure. They are unschooled and unskilled; therefore they do not have easy access to the job market, contributing to some of the typical social issues being addressed by the social workers.


Services and Programmes

Applicable and relevant services are rendered to the poorest of the poor in vulnerable communities. Therefore it is a priority that the services are accessible, affordable and cost-effective.

Addressing social problems at intake level
These services are rendered to vulnerable families, empowering them with the necessary skills and guidance to prevent statutory intervention
Improving parenting skills and providing support (Including pre-and post-statutory placements)
Projects aimed at Poverty Alleviation and to create awareness within the communities addressing relevant social topics
Intervening when children are in need of care and protection in accordance with relevant legislation (Including supervision and/or re-unification thereafter)

Services and Programmes

All satellite offices render the following services depending on the need of the demarcated areas of operation.